The Building Blocks

hardwork  Our Panthers focus on Hard Work during September.  This is an important building block to begin with, because hard work sets the tone for the year.  In order to be our best, hard work must be the first ingredient.
Hard work without happiness and pep makes for a dull place.  To balance our focus on hard work, September also focuses on enthusiasm!  Our Panthers keep bright smiles on their face and exhibit great energy to keep our school a happy place to be!
enthus  During October, our Panthers focus on developing the character trait of friendship.  Good friends enjoy time together and support each other when needed.  The Phil Swing campus has many good friends who are always eager to make more.
loyal  During October, we also work with students to communicate the importance of loyalty in being successful.  Since one rarely achieves success alone, loyalty is an important part of gaining the support of others.
 cooperation  COOPERATION is our the theme for November.  Students learn how to work together to create presentations and projects in their classrooms.  They learn that working together lightens the load for everyone and moves the school forward much faster and with greater success.
 selfcontrol  In December, our growing Panthers learn the virtues of SELF-CONTROL.  With 900 students on campus, this is an important characteristic for success.  In order to maintain a safe, supportive, and fair environment, we must exercise self-control. 
 determination  DETERMINATION also serve as a focus for the month of December.  Phil D. Swing school completes the first trimester at the beginning of December, making this month a good time to emphasize the importance of determination and perseverance even when the challenges seem most difficult. 
  During January, our Panthers focus on adopting the attribute of ALERTNESS as they continued their climb to the top of the Pyramid of Success.  In learning the characteristic of Alertness, our Panthers discovered that learning is a life-long process.  
   During January, our Panthers also learn that success does not occur unless we take action.  Although, we strongly encourage developing ideas, dreaming, and hoping for good events to happen, Panthers know that it is ACTION that brings success.
   Phil Swing School focuses on FITNESS during February.  Specifically, our Panthers learn how a good diet, exercise, and positive thinking help foster success and will give us the energy we need to climb to the top of the pyramid. 
 February also focuses on developing the characteristic of SKILL.  During this month, our Panthers learn that most concepts that we learn will require significant amounts of practice if we want to develop true skill and ability.   
Team Spirit March is all about TEAM Spirit!!!  We strive to remind our Panthers that sometimes we must put the needs of the team before ourselves.  Team spirit is one of the key ingredients in making Phil D. Swing School the best team around.
Poise In April, students focus on their Poise and carrying themselves with their heads held high.  We teach the students that Poise is all about being themselves as they complete their journey to PERSONAL BEST.
Confidence   Since poise and CONFIDENCE go hand-in-hand, we also use April as the opportunity to introduce confidence as a necessary ingredient of success and being your PERSONAL BEST.  We encourage our student to be proud of themselves and happy with who they are.  They also learn the importance of respecting the confidence of others as well.
personalbest  During May and June, our Panthers focus on manifesting into their Personal Best.  They take all of the character traits that we work to instill into them through out the year and begin using their new knowledge and skills to reach a new level of success in everything that they do.